Pyschoeducation & Professional Trainings

The Clinical Assessment Group delivers psychoeducational courses and professional trainings tailored to the topics of sexual health. Whether it’s guiding parents through the complexities of addressing sexual health with their children or propelling clinicians’ professional growth in this specialized domain, our online offerings guarantee accessibility without compromising on depth. Drawing from evidence-based methodologies and steered by industry-leading experts, participants from  can anticipate an enriching and enlightening experience.

Training Our Therapists
At the Clinical Assessment Group, we’re committed to our clinicians’ continuous growth and expertise. Partnering with the esteemed Sexual Health Alliance, we invest in an intensive, virtual training program encompassing over 75 hours of advanced education, covering everything from developmental sexuality to professional sexual health communication skills. This rigorous curriculum, worth thousands of dollars, ensures that our clinicians are equipped with cutting-edge knowledge and techniques in sex therapy and sexual health, positioning them at the pinnacle of their profession.

A Caregiver’s Guide To Sexual Health
This series is a pivotal resource dedicated to providing caregivers with a comprehensive understanding of sexual health education. In today’s multifaceted landscape of sexuality, it’s crucial to have a reliable guide that offers clarity and insight. This program has been carefully curated to empower caregivers with the knowledge and tools they need, ensuring they are well equipped to support their child’s developmental journey in sexual health with confidence and understanding.

Queer Culture For Straight Therapists
Therapists are responsible for providing safe, inclusive, and culturally sensitive care, especially when serving the diverse needs of the LGBTQ+ community. This particular session offers an in-depth exploration of the unique challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals, aiming to enhance therapists’ understanding and equip them with the tools necessary to create genuinely affirming therapeutic environments.