Comprehensive Community Support Services (CCSS) are designed to surround individuals and families with the support and resources necessary to promote recovery, rehabilitation, and resiliency. Community support activities address goals in the following functional domains: independent living, learning, working, socializing, and recreation. CCSS consists of various face-to-face and community interventions that address barriers that impede the development of skills necessary for independent functioning in the community.

Clinical Assessment Group incorporated CCSS into its offerings to effect sustainable, systemic change for clients distressed by challenges that are not directly impacted through therapy alone. Where most CCSS programs primarily focus on basic needs, the Clinical Assessment Group’s CCSS program is for clients with referral behaviors related to sexual health, lack of sexual education, or problem sexual behaviors.

Areas of special focus include:

• Real-world, experiential modeling and learning
• Appropriate behaviors at work or in public
• Healthy and safe boundaries
• Relationship development and socialization
• Normalizing body image and natural desire
• Biological, cultural, and developmental aspects of sexual health
• How to communicate appropriately about topics relating to sex
• Real-time support in times of distress
• Sex positivity

Who qualifies?

Medicaid clients whom a licensed clinician has diagnosed as meeting CCSS criteria.

Refer a client for services: