Effective clinical supervision is more than just meeting a licensure requirement. It’s an important part of professional development and an opportunity to refine clinical skills, self-assessment, self-awareness, and professional identity.

Our supervisors have successfully completed a Clinical Supervision Academy curriculum and maintain Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS) certification or other advanced Clinical Supervisory Training. These professionals can help you assess your needs from clinical supervision and tailor your sessions to effectively address your goals.

Supervision For Non-Independently Licensed Clinicians
In addition to the above, you can expect regular, professional, and informed supervision that includes case conceptualization, clinical documentation training, documentation reviews, professional development, and approved supervision hours toward your independent license.

Supervision For Independently Licensed Clinicians
Independently licensed clinicians are not required to have regular clinical supervision to maintain their licensure. Even so, many top therapists choose to receive supervision in order to support ongoing development, consult on challenging cases, and access additional perspectives for their practice. Supervision or clinical consultation can occur on a regular schedule or on an as-needed basis.

If you are interested in supervision services from the Clinical Assessment Group, see our available supervisors below to book a consultation or call (505) 705 1030 or email

Supervisor Katherine Spikes, LMFT
Katherine is an AAMFT supervisor in training who utilizes a systemic focus supervision perspective. I will support you in developing a systemic understanding of the families, couples, and individuals you work with. Support you with the conceptualization of the client/system and guide you to develop your therapeutic model further, understand “self” in therapy, support you with documentation and goal setting, and guide you to become the clinician you want to be.

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Supervisor Renée LaVail, LMFT, CST, ACS
Renée is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, Approved Clinical Supervisor and AASECT Supervisor In Training. Working as a psychotherapist for 16 years, Renée began her professional career focusing on family therapy. In 2011, her focus shifted toward sexual health and sexually related issues.  Renée has been a clinical supervisor since 2011 and founded the Clinical Supervisor Academy with colleague Dr. Leandrea Romero. Renée worked in community mental health for 13 years, ending her tenure as the Clinical Director of a well known and respected Agency in 2021 to expand her organization. She is a doctoral candidate in Behavioral Health Leadership & is the founding director of Albuquerque Sex Therapy and its guiding organization, the Clinical Assessment Group.

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